Travel Apps

Highlight: Flexible check-in and check-out times in hotels and properties in locations like New York City, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco

Highlight: Find information about public transportation, ride-sharing services, train and subway times, and more in various cities around the world

Cool Cousin
Highlight: Explore off-the-beaten track destinations using information from locals from over ten different cities

Google Maps (iOS, Android)
Highlight: Navigate your way through the city using this tool. Find the best routes and other information in real time.

Highlight: For vegans and vegetarians looking for places to eat in over 10,000 cities across the globe

Hotel Tonight
Highlight: Last-minute hotel deals

Localeur (iOS, Android)
Highlight: Local recommendations — from restaurants and bars to must-see spots and many more in between

My PANDA (Android)
Highlight: Travel safety app providing information on the security around the area

Highlight: Urban route planner — from walking routes to points of interests along the way

Highlight: See photos of various locations including neighborhoods and other destinations

Velocity (iOS)
Highlight: Reservation app and dining options